Alan Gowen

A Chronology: taken from the insertof the National Health album D.S. alCoda.

Alan Gowen(keyboards) joins 'Assegai'
Alan, Jamie Muir(drums) and Laurie Baker (bass) form 'Sunship', with Allan Holdsworth (guitar)and Lyn Dobson (saxophones & flute).
Aftervarious combinations of musicians, including Dick Morcombe (guitar), AlanWakeman (saxophones), Jeff Clyne (bass) and Richard Sinclair (bass),'Gilgamesh' is formed with Phil Lee (guitar), Mike Travis (drums) and NeilMurray (bass).
November. Gilgamesh and Hatfield & the North do double quartetgigs in Leeds and London, playing special arrangements by Alan Gowen.
Neil Murray leaves Gilgamesh and is replaced bySteve Cook (bass); {eter Lemer (keyboards) joins.
Gilgamesh BBC Radio broadcasts.
Peter Lemer leaves
Steve Cook leaves and is replaced first by NeilMurray, then by Jeff Clyne.
May. Gilgamesh - Alan Gowen, Phil Lee, Jeff Clyne and AmandaParsons (vocals) record their first album (Caroline Records).
After the disbanding of Hatfield & the North, Alan and Dave Stewart(keyboards) form National Healthwith Phil Lee, Phil Miller (guitars), Mont Campbell (bass), Bill Bruford(drums) and Amanda Parsons.
Phil Lee leaves National Health.
NationalHealth tour U.K.
Bill Bruford leaves and John Mitchell (percussion) joins National Health.
Mont Campbell and John Mitchell leave National Health.
National Healthtour U.K. with Bill Bruford and Neil Murray.
Bill Bruford leaves and isreplaced by Pip Pyle (drums). National Health tour Holland and France.
Amanda Parsons leaves National Health.
April. First NationalHealth album is recorded - Alan Gowen, Dave Stewart, Phil Miller, NeilMurray, Pip Pyle, with Amanda Parsons, John Mitchell and Jimmy Hastings(clarinets & flute) (Affinity).
Alan Gowen leaves National Health.
April. Alan Gowen, Elton Dean(saxophones), High Hopper (bass) and Dave Sheen (drums) tour France as 'SoftHead' and record Rogue Element (Ogun).
National Health: JohnGreaves (bass) replaces Neil Murray and they tour Belgium and France.
June. Alan Gowen records second Gilgamesh album AnotherFine Tune You've Got Me Into with Phil Lee, Hugh Hopper and TrevorTomkins (drums) (Charly Records).
June. Second National Healthrecord Of Queues And Cures(Dave Stewart, Phil Miller, John Greaves and Pip Pyle) (Charly Records).
October. Soft Heap album is recorded (Alan Gowen,Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper and Pip Pyle) (Charly Records).
National Health:Georgie Born (cello) and Lindsay Cooper (bassoon and saxophone) join.
DaveStewart, Georgie Born and Lindsay Cooper leave National Health.
Alan Gowen rejoins National Health (Phil Miller,John Greaves and Pip Pyle). They tour Scandanavia, Spain, France and America.
Soft Heap (Alan Gowen, Elton Dean, John Greaves and Pip Pyle) tour North ofEngland and Scotland.
February. National Health tour Scandanavia for the second time.
March. AlanGowen leaves National Health and the band splits up.
June. AlanGowen and Hugh Hopper record Two Rainbows Daily (RedRecords/re-released by Europa Records).
April. Alan Gowen, Phil Miller, Richard Sinclair and TrevorTomkins record Before a Word is Said (Europa Records).
On May17th Alan Gowen dies from leukemia.
October. National Health inthe form of Phil Miller, Dave Stewart, John Greaves and Pip Pyle (with RichardSinclair, Elton Dean, Jimmy Hastings, Amanda Parsons, Barbara Gaskin, AnnieWhitehead and Ted Emmett) record D.S. alCoda (Europa Records).

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