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St. Dunstans, Canterbury

You are standing in StDunstans Street in Canterbury, looking south-east at the West Gate. The WestGate actually stands on the North-West side of the City, but was originally themain city gate used for entrance from London in the west.

Looks nice, doesn't it? But the REAL reason Canterbury is famous is the styleof MUSIC the city gives its name to. Only a small proportion of it was actuallymade in Canterbury, and only a proportion of the musicians who made it have anypersonal connection with the place - but that's what it's called, and why not?

I've concentrated on 3 of my favourite bands, who are Egg, Hatfield & The North and National Health.

The picture and accompanying text above come from Peter Collinson's Virtual Tour of Canterbury.

Photographs Copyright Peter Collinson, June 1995. All Rights reserved. Used with permission.

Spot the Blind Dog?

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