Hatfield & the North

Hatfield & the North

Recorded at The Manor Studios, November/December 1973
Engineered and Produced by Tom Newman and The Hatfields
Released: March 1 1974
Label: Virgin
Cat. No. V2008


Richard Sinclair (Bass, Singing)
Phil Miller (Guitars)
Pip Pyle (Drums)
Dave Stewart (Organ, Pianos and Tone Generator)

with assistance from:

Amanda Parsons
Barbara Gaskin
Ann Rosenthal
Geoff Leigh (c/o Henry Cow) (Saxes and Flute)
Jeremy Baines (Pixiephone)
Robert Wyatt (Singing on Calyx)

Side One

  1. The Stubbs Effect (Pip Pyle)
  2. Big Jobs (Poo Poo Extract) (Richard Sinclair, Pip Pyle)
  3. Going Up to People and Tinkling (Dave Stewart)
  4. Calyx (Phil Miller)
  5. Son of "There's No Place like Homerton" (Dave Stewart)
  6. Aigrette (Phil Miller)
  7. Rifferama (Richard Sinclair, arr The North)

Side Two

  1. Fol de Rol (Richard Sinclair)
  2. Shaving is Boring (Pip Pyle)
  3. Licks for the Ladies (Richard Sinclair, Pip Pyle)
  4. Bossa Nochance (Richard Sinclair)
  5. Big Jobs No. 2 (by Poo and the Wee Wees) (Richard Sinclair, Pip Pyle)
  6. Lobster in Cleavage Probe (Dave Stewart)
  7. Gigantic Land-Crabs in Earth Takeover Bid (Dave Stewart)
  8. The Other Stubbs Effect (Pip Pyle)

Also, Special Thanks To:-

Tom 'Bulk Erase' Newman . . . knob twiddling and plenty laffs; Alistair and Roz . . . for Lawson . . . contractual coherence; Bede . . . his coach and his subtle but persistent undermining of reality; John Peel . . . fave D>J>; Geoff Bevan . . . zoot horn equipment; Steve Borrill . . . plectrum maintenance; Hank Weltevreden . . . Dutch tours and encouragement; Bob Hope . . . remarkable composure during the disruption of 'Miss World' contest 1972; Clive Williamson . . . suggestive breathing on first track; Jack Balchin . . . humpin and mixin; Dik . . . soul music, the very many pretty gals, the much drinking; Fletcher and Munsen . . . for their effect; Benj and Tony . . . throwing Boeing 707's out of hotel windows, redecorating continents; Mont Campbell for [a line of music] and opening section of "HOMERTON"


BIG JOBS (Poo Poo Extract) (Lyrics: Pip Pyle)
Here's a song to begin the beginning
A few notes which are arbitrary
We try our best to make it sound nice
And hope that the music
Turns you on to our latest L.P.
Should be a laugh certainly . . .


CALYX (Words by Robert Wyatt, Music by Phil Miller)
Poetry in motion is what you've become
From the front and from behind you're a star
Sideways, on the top and underneath
Close inspection reveals that you're in perfect nick
You'll perform like a dream


Snowing - in a little while when the cold is growing
With a little smile, turn into a soap-sud or... turn into a road
I'm falling down and spinning in a cloud
(With a little smile, bubble aloud...)
And round and round I go
I've made a row, but honestly I liked it
(But silence comes to me like a blow)
I know I've several things to say, none of them important
(Bashing out the chords, most of them I know)
(Most of them are overflow)
So when the winter comes, nobody will say so
(So please don't go quiet, everything dissolves)
(So don't be slow to hiss and boo,
You sit there and meanwhile all the time)
I'm falling down and spinning in a dreamboat
(Everything dissolves,
Summer, spring and autumn, winter
Falls away spinning in a dreamboat)
Paddling through the stars like a shining seahorse
Singing silly tunes in silly times . . .
. . . tones . . . sighs . . . groans . . . melodies.

Paddling through the stars came the orchestra from Mars...
Playing tunes which carried us away . . .


Now it's time to finish your wine
Try to sing a sober song after all that din
And even though we may be having quite a laugh
Bashing bass and drums is really rather daft
Compared to harmonies - although they may sound twee
They're really what my lady friend can relate to
And her mate too

Just in case you think it's a waste
In the end, choosing notes to see if they make friends
A D# minor flattened 5th will go with C
Dotted crotchets usually divide by three
We don't really know now exactly what we mean
Still we had the gist of it when the chords changed
An interesting thought came over me
I'd feel better somewhere wetter,
Drinking tea in the sea
And dream of you - and your nice black knickers. . .


BOSSA NOCHANCE (Richard Sinclair)
A bed in the sky would make me higher up than sleeping under this bush
If I had a magic broom, I'd rev it up and out in space I would whoosh
I'd ask you to be with me there too Do anything you would like to do...

I like singing spaces not bricks
Intervals and all the thoughts in between
I like making big mistakes
Knickerless girls being understood but not seen
But I've got a nasty cold today (sniff)
I've run out of words to say


BIG JOBS No.2 (by POO &the WEE-WEEs) (Lyrics: Pip Pyle)
Took a trip through the night just to get here
Tried being myself recently
But I try my best to make it sound nice
And hope that the music turns you on
Like it's turning on me
Should be a laugh certainly

Now through the medium of the Manor Mobile
I would like to sing this song in the Hatfield style
Thank all the mothers who made cups of tea
If they didn't care for us, we wouldn't be here
To sing our songs and entertain
Plug us in and turn on the mains

We have to leave here tonight
I hope that it will sound alright
But we're trying hard to make it sound nice
And hope that the music turns you on
While you're (re)drinking your tea
Do have a laugh certainly


And in the end, all our troubles vanish, melt away
(Play like a gold bell in the evening wind)
And in the end, all the time we've spent we'll save. . .
(And in the end, after all is said and done)
Time is only dust, when it's done

We will fly like a teatray in the sky
So don't be scared of a lobster or molluscs
(I for one am fond of molluscs)
They're all one in the end
(They're all lovely)
There will be no parting of the ways
(Counting off the days that we've wasted)
Starting off with lots of singing
Playing laughing crying flying sighing wheeling soaring aah . . .


Transcription and HTML by Andy Murkin

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