Hatfield & theNorth

17th April 1975
"Dear Sirs,
I listened to Hatfield and theNorth at Rainbow. They were very wonderful and they made my heart a prisoner.
Yours faithfully,
Misako Horike"

Sleeve note

"Some of you may have heard most of this before, so we've slung in the livebits as an incentive. Others of you may never have heard any of it at all, inwhich case - Hello. Still others of you out there may be unfortunate enough tolive in countries where English is not spoken, and my advice to you is to stoptrying to work out these sleeve notes and hand over the cash. The idea forthis L.P. came from Simon Draper and Al Clark at Virgin Records and we were allpleased they thought of it. I think the music's really good still and I hopeyou agree!

Regards from Dave Stewart Dec 1979"

Sleeve note
Hatfield& the North and The Rotters' Club,both sides ofthe Hatfields' 1974 single, one track from the live album 'Over the Rainbow'(the only Hatfield & the North track on that album!), and 2 previouslyunreleased live instrumental tracks.

Released: 1980
Label: Virgin
Cat. No. VR5
Re-mastering and re-cutting: Chris Blake at the Townhouseand Utopia Studios

The parts of Hatfield and the North were played by:
Richard Sinclair (Bass, vocals)
PhilMiller (Guitar)
Dave Stewart (Keyboards)
Pip Pyle (Drums and noise)

assisted by:

Amanda Parsons
(Backing vocals on Fitter Stoke Has A Bath,Mumps, Prenut and Your Majesty is like a Cream Donut(Loud))
Robert Wyatt
(Voice on Calyx)
Jimmy Hastings
(Flutes on Fitter Stoke Has ABath and Prenut
Saxes on Your Majesty is like a CreamDonut (Loud))
Mont Campbell
(French Horn on(Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology on the Jaw and Chaos at theGreasy Spoon)
Lindsay Cooper
(Oboe and bassoon on(Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology on the Jaw
(Clarinet on (Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology onthe Jaw


Side One

1. Lets Eat (Real Soon)(Sinclair/Pyle) (3.14)
Recorded at Saturn Recording Studio, Worthing, inOctober 1974. Released as a single with Fitter Stoke has a Bath(Virgin Records, VS116) on November 15 1974. Produced by Hatfield & the North;engineering and production assistance: Dave Ruffell).
2. Fitter Stoke Has A Bath (Pyle) (4.33)
The otherside of the single Let's Eat (Real Soon). Different to the version onThe Rotters' Club.
3. Mumps,edited (Stewart) (8.14)
From The Rotters' Club
4. Share It (Sinclair/Pyle) (3.02)
From TheRotters' Club
which segues wonderfully into . . .
5.Lounging There Trying (Miller) (3.15)
Also from The Rotters'Club

Side Two

6. The Stubbs Effect (Pyle) (0.23)
From the albumHatfield & the North
7. Big Jobs (Poo PooExtract) (Sinclair/Pyle) (0.45)
From the album Hatfield & theNorth
8. Going up to People and Tinkling (Stewart)(2.17)
From the album Hatfield & the North
9.Calyx (Miller) (2.46)
From the album Hatfield & the North
10. (Big) John Wayne Socks Psychology on the Jaw (Stewart)(0.43)
From The Rotters' Club
11. Chaos at the GreasySpoon, edited (Sinclair/Pyle) (0.23)
From The Rotters'Club
cunningly cross-faded into . . .
12. Halfway Between Heaven and Earth (Sinclair) (6.08)
Recorded live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, on March 16 1975 and includedon the LP 'Over the Rainbow' (CHR 1079), released in April 1975.
[Warning! This LP contains performances by bands other than Hatfield & the North.]
13. Oh, Len's Nature! (Miller) (2.00)
Recorded live inLyons and Toulouse, France on February 8 and 11 1975 by sound mixer Peter Wade.
[Startlingly obvious edits (performed with unerring inaccuracy at theTownhouse) by Dave Stewart and Pip Pyle, tape slashing by Chris Blake.]
14. Lything and Gracing (Miller) (3.48)
Recorded livein Lille, France, on June 9 1974 by Peter Wade.
15. Prenut(Stewart) (3.55)
From The Rotters' Club
16. YourMajesty is like a Cream Donut (Loud) (Stewart) (1.37)
From TheRotters' Club


Words byPip Pyle

I'm vitamin-enriched what's more I'm absolutely wholesome
Noartificial processing or anything so loathsome
You'll fancy me at lunch,not to mention tea
I'm easily digested naturally

You'll want to slip me in your kitchen, How'd you like to mother me ?
And I'll be tasty, Mr. Pastry, wouldn't that be lovely ?
My mother oncetold me to eat what you are given -
Don't worry mum, I've realised what funthat could be
It makes a real man of me now
Think you'll agree . . .
I've got more calories than brown bread in me now
No-one can tell.

[Repeat Verse 1]

So don't be scared by the thought of putting on three extra stone
Disregard all dieting information, it's best to leave well alone
You'rebetter off fully grown.


(Words &Music by Pip Pyle)

You don't suspect my life's a mess, you probably think it's groovy
Meeting people everyday and see some place abroad
And I admit that whenthe time is right it can be quite a laugh
But you know, that's not often.
Eventually, I think that you will agree
I'm only putting lines out andshifting gears, missing years disappear
As for you I couldn't bear to thinkof it . . .
They said you were Swedish.
You asked me for a chocolatebar, then you went and spoiled it all by eating it (what a pain, what a nause)
You can imagine my delight was like some R. Crumb magazine come to life
Thank you ladies you had us all I hope you both enjoyed it.
But justthe same I'm happy just to sit around at home
(With Pamela making cups oftea and washing clothes) SELECT THE
(With Pamela looking elegant andwriting prose) LINE YOU PREFER
(If anyone's in need of me, I'm drowning inthe bathroom)
(Now anyone can easily see, I'm basically a cretin)




(Words &Music by Dave Stewart)

I have minded my P's and Q's
Tried not to damage any W's
And if I tread upon a B
I'll pick it upand tell it earnestly, "I'm sorry !"
Which of course I am
You mustn'tupset them
Or badly neglect them
Or else they'll refuse to work for you

I have minded my V's and U's
Tried to prevent them being badly used
And if I tread upon the C
I tend to sink beneath the surface gracefully

As for the task of keeping O's and K's apart
You'd be right to supposethat this is quite an art
I've trod with caution round the J's and Z's
I remain a man of letters to the end
Balancing syllables upon my knees
I've flown through the air with the greatest of E's
I did what you toldme to
Now I only have I's for U


(Words by Pip Pyle)

Tadpoles keep screaming in my ear, "Hey there! Rotter's Club!" -
Explain the meaning of this song and share it."

There's no way of understanding what's been going on, I lost track yesterday
But now I've found out that it's generosity that turns me on so let's keepit that way.
Help yourself to me, I'll help myself to you and all yourfriends - we can spread it around
So if you can spare it then come on andshare it, let's get on with it 'cos we're wasting our time.

Please do not take it seriously, really, what a joke
The only thing thatmatters is to share it.

Crass displays of acute embarrassment would make youcringe, spend your money elsewhere
I won't trouble you with all that cheapphilosophy, it's better still to watch that on T.V.
Most especially advertsof some slinky hairspray, when the plastic actresses take off their clothes
Just to demonstrate all their curves and cleavages and subtleties, quiteforgetting their hair

Please do not take it seriously, really, what a joke
The only thing todo is grin and bear it

Mirthless merriment, sickly sentiment so commonplace it would bore you totears
Give me non-stop laughter, dispel disaster, or the Rotters' Clubmight well lop off your ears

Laughing and drinking, dancing
Grooving, stoned again
Falling oversinging
Hoping that you'll SHARE IT

('This paean of promiscuity must never see the light of day'


BIG JOBS (Poo Poo Extract) (Lyrics: Pip Pyle)

Here's a song to begin the beginning
A few notes whichare arbitrary
We try our best to make it sound nice
And hope that themusic
Turns you on to our latest L.P.
Should be a laugh certainly . . .


(Words &Music by Richard Sinclair)

We're needing your love to guide us, if you just could, then we justwould
Join in the mood of being halfway 'tween Heaven and Earth

If you feel like singing, sing it, if you just could, then we just would
Feel what the other's feeling, even though we're far apart

Thanks for the colours you gave me, with them I can make a new start
Plan a new part for the future, a new resolution
To gather my thoughts,follow my heart
But here I am, halfway 'tween Heaven and Earth, gentlydrifting
Caught in my dreams, supported by schemes that we wrote together
Wondering whether the words that were missing didn't belong or might havebeen wrong
But as long as we can, we'll follow moonbeams from afar
Touch the moon and chase the stars
Catch the sun and let it go, find away of saying so
Happy with you when we're halfway 'tween Heaven and Earthwe remain
It's not like England, Holland or Spain

What on Earth or what in Heaven's name is happening to me?
With you Iwant to be,
I'll never leave you.

[Repeat Verse 1]

Halfway 'tween Heaven and Earth, being with you's harmony
Sing a newsong for the future, although it's absurd
Just how it occurs without anywords
Goes ding dong ding diddle-a doo dah doop drool dribble etc.



It was a fine morning and the sun streamed through the windows of thehotel

Hatfield were sleeping late that day. They'd worn themselves out the nightbefore playing for all the fans who'd danced, raved, and screamed the nightaway. Richard, as usual, was first out of bed. He began to perform acomplicated series of exercises designed for the Royal Afghanistani Air Force. This kept him trim and supple, ready to boogie at a moment's notice. Suddenly,a muffled groan came from Dave, buried deep beneath the sheets - "Hey, cut thatrow out - us three guys are trying to get a spot of shuteye!"

Rick's face showed his disappointment. Dave saw how deeply hurt he was. Why hadn't he realised how much those exercises meant to him? He knew howRichard always longed to keep slim and in trim - it was the shape the fansreally went for and, after all, it was the fans who'd made them what theywere!!
"Sorry, Rikki," Dave muttered, "Guess you were right all along."

And you know what? Soon there were four guys waking up the whole hotel,panting and puffing as they kept Hatfield in that superslim shape that goeswith the glitter. (Don't you wish you'd been out there on the patio of thatde-luxe Spanish resort hotel to take a quick look at Richard & Co?) And whenthey went down to breakfast, Dave could tell that he'd made Richie feel reallywarm inside . . . and that made him feel really warm inside too.

Sleeve note

HATFIELD AND THE NORTH would like to have thanked . . .

BEDE & THE NORMANS and BRITISH RAIL CAR FERRIES for amusing altercationsTONY WIGENS clipboard and air of authority JACK BALCHIN for his attitude towardthe London Chamber of Commerce H.M. CUSTOMS OFFICIALS hours of fun poking aboutin rectums ALF GASCOINE shouting SHARE IT at snogging couples ALICE PYLE forthinking of 'Fitter Stoke Has A Bath' (and Washes his Hair) THE GHOSTS AT THE MANOR for scaring the shit out of us LAURIE LEWIS sleeves andgood pix BENJ LEFEVRE flower arranging MIKE PATTO the name WORTAX soundenhancement BOB HOPE 'Hey! These guys must be on some kind of dope!!' (etc.) ALCLARK dogged perseverance with his 'assisted shower' THE BLUE BOAR (If it doesthat to the plate, think what it'll do to the wall of your stomach) THE ENTIRENATION OF FRANCE and so on . . .

Sleeve note

Transcription andHTML by Andy Murkin

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