2015 is the 10th anniversary of the release of A Walk in the Park (2005, FORT 05) and The Birds and the Bees (2005, FORT 06). Fortspring is marking the occasion with the release of a special 4-album 'Anniversary Reissue' set.

First of all, the set includes the two original discs.

Disc 3, Related Tracks, includes pieces which were written or recorded around the same time as the original album and released elsewhere.

Disc 4, Ambient/Electronic, contains 4 pieces created more recently from sounds and samples on the original albums, in a style Andy is currently pursuing.

Disc One - A Walk in the Park

Skyhop [5.02]
999 [3.37]
Skyrockit [3.25]
The Accordion Man I [2.47]
On Queensway [1.10]
Boyz (William Boyce) [4.40]
Charing Cross [3.41]
A Walk Along the Canal, Part 1 [0.30]
The Accordion Man II [1.21]
Sunday in the Park [11.16]
A Walk Along the Canal, Parts 2 & 3 [0.56]
Occasional Train Blues [8.04]
The Accordion Man III [1.48]
Kensington Gardens [0.45]
River [8.30]

Disc Two - The Birds and the Bees

Slow Motion [11.44]
Birds [9.12]
Do Bees Exercise a Faculty of Reason? (Text: J.N.Kidd)[1.12]
The Bee Song [1.09]
Spring is Come with Love to Town [3.01]
To Talk of Many Things (Text: E.F.Hemming) [1.44]
The Maypole Song [4.21]
My True Love [6.52]
Gonna Miss You When You're Gone [3.10]
Losing Faith [7.05]
Lima Foxtrot ('Losing Faith', Variation 2) [1.19]
Tango Victor ('Losing Faith', Variation 6) [1.37]
Slow March ('Losing Faith', Variation 5 ) [5.38]
Elastic Band ('Losing Faith', Variation 4) [1.01]
Chippings from Syston (Text: J.C.Wadd) [1.29]
The Bells (William Byrd/Andy Murkin) [13.22]

Disc Three - Related Tracks

39 [6:26] from BITS & BOBS (FORT09, 2006)
Original 39 [1:55] Previously Unreleased
Water Music (G.F.Handel) [2:56] from BITS & BOBS (FORT09,2006)
Choppy Waters (G.F.Handel/A.Murkin) [1:14] from BITS &BOBS (FORT09, 2006)
FusionPianoLoop [2:02] Previously Unreleased
Sheep May Safely Graze (J.S,Bach) [2:46] from BITS & BOBS(FORT09, 2006)
Sheep May Safely Graze (J.S,Bach) [2:43] from ODZNENZ(FORT15, 2011)
Zadok the Priest (G.F.Handel) [2:47] Previously Unreleased
Street Sounds I - IV [10:51] Previously Unreleased
Sometimes (Demo Version) [3:31] Previously Unreleased
Looking at the World (Demo Version) [3:40] Previously Unreleased
Minor Loss of Faith (Losing Faith, Variation 3) [1:51] from BITS & BOBS (FORT09, 2006)
Brass Spy [6:03] from BITS & BOBS (FORT09, 2006)

Disc Four - Ambient/Electronic

Sapling Tube [6:50] Previously Unreleased
A Long Walk in the Park [12:53] Previously Unreleased
Slow Motion Auto 2 (Edit 2) [15:41] Previously Unreleased
Picnic in the Malverns Auto 1 [15:07] Previously Unreleased

All tracks written (unless otherwise stated), arranged, performed and produced by Andy Murkin.

A Walk in the Park and The Birds and the Bees were released in 2005.

The Related Tracks were released in 2006 (and one track in 2011).

The Previously Unreleased ones were mostly recorded before 2002. Street Sounds I - IV and the Ambient/Electronic tracks were created between 2013 and 2015, using sounds and samples from the two original albums.

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