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This isn't exactly the new album from Andy Murkin. The tracks on Flotsam, Disc 1, are all pieces recorded during the making of From Aardvark to Zebra, Goodbye Finisterre and Devil's Island Discs, but which never made it onto those albums, due to lack of space, the need for continuity, that sort of thing. The two tracks on Jetsam, Disc 2, recorded at the same time as Devil's Island Discs are 'live' versions of two studio tracks from this era. As Devil's Island was already a double abum, it would have been altogether too much to include these on the album as well.


From A to Z (Vocal version) [6.09]
The first two and three-quarter minutes of this track is more or less the only previously heard (although slightly remixed) material on this album. The vocal additions by the Vocalettes weren't completed in time, so the original, non-vocal track opens the album From Aardvark to Zebra. The lyrics make more explicit the nature of this piece as a tribute to the incomparable Frank Zappa, in which, you may recall, 'A' is for 'Andy' and 'Z' is for 'Zappa', except in the final 'From Z to A' vocal section, where 'A' means 'all of us'.

90 Years [1.42]
This piece of 'sonic poetry' was originally the ending to I'm Growing Some Bonsai Trees on From Aardvark to Zebra, and is drawn from the same spoken source material. Bonsai Trees seemed long enough, though, in the end. so this track has remained from then until now only as an internet download.

Islington (Vocal version) [0.58]
The Vocalettes' rendition of one of the instrumental sections of the track from Aardvark, where the melodies of the vocal phrases are based on the pitches of the spoken voice.

Another Egress Introduction [0.36]/Another Egress [13.05]
Another Egress started life during the making of 2003's Goodbye Finisterre. The title is an anagram of one of the tracks on that album, There Are Songs. The theme, though, is from another Finisterre track: the 'Rockall South' section of The Shipping Forecast. Later, it acquired a guitar solo, which is the full version of the solo in the fade out of Expressly Denied from Devil's Island Discs. The Introduction features the voices of Bruce and Victoria, two crucial members of the team, along with the Vocalettes (featured on Egress itself), who contribute to the making of an Andy Murkin album.

3 Pizzas, Lee (Piano version) [1.05]
There were already three versions of this tune on Devil's Island Discs, which I considered an appropriate number, so this one, scored for 2 pianos, appears here for the first time.

Jazz Club Incident [3.32]
More music from an imaginary spy film. All good spy films, where possible, have a scene where the hero is tailed and followed into a bar - or, in this case, cellar jazz club - by a couple of heavies under instruction to eliminate him. Inevitably, they underestimate his skills in unarmed combat, and end up on the receiving end of a severe pasting, leaving our hero, only slightly ruffled and out of breath, to make good his escape. This is the soundtrack to that scene.

Yaman Kalyana [12.37]
I had to choose either this track or Samanta for inclusion on Devil's Island Discs. Despite preferring this one to play, I chose Samanta because of its greater variety. Like Samanta, it gets its name from the raga, which the melody and guitar improvisation follow.

Midnight in the Forest [2.31]
This piece was recorded at the same time as A Night in the Forest and Dawn Chorus on Devil's Island Discs, and adds solo flute to slowed-down recordings of birdsong. It belongs in between these two tracks, but I felt there would be too much birdsong and too few tunes in this part of the album, so it got left off.

A Small Patch of Blue Sky [1.58]
A short, accordion-based version of Blue Sky from Devil's Island. It was recorded at the same time, but there was no space for it when the final tracklist was drawn up.

Jazz Club Live [14.10]
This sequence (which, confusingly, is nothing to do with the earlier track called Jazz Club Incident . . .) comprises funky electric jazz interpretations of three earlier tunes: P.I.G., which is - apart, of course, from a tribute to the Flying Pig - a version of Perpendicular Ideal of the Glasshouse from Goodbye Finisterre; Sammy, an arrangement of Samanta from Devil's Island Discs; and N1NE1?, otherwise known as Islington from From Aardvark to Zebra.


The spirit of 1972 is fulsomely evoked in 45 minutes of laid-back progressive rock, as the group meander through live versions of just two of their greatest hits, complete with symphony orchestra and choir. The two numbers selected for this treatment are Freefall [22.29] from Devil's Island and From A to Z [22.31] from Aardvark.

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