My Hillman [WYJ 128]

My Hillman is a Series Minx - Series IIIA, to be precise - Chassis number B1 0711 72H/HSO. It has a two-tone colour scheme, Charcoal Grey (a dark grey) and Powder Blue (a light blue).

It started life at the Rootes factory in Ryton, Coventry, in w/e 22.7.60, and was first registered in Crewe, Cheshire.

At that time it bore the registration number 364 MMA. Much later (1993) this was sold as a cherished number and a new one, appropriate to the year of manufacture, was issued: WYJ 128, a Dundee number, I believe, but I quite like it!

I bought it (for 300) in September, 1994 - the first classic I have ever owned. It still had a few months MOT, but was in rather poor condition, especially the exterior, and had had some particularly hasty and ugly repair work done in the past. Perfect for my purposes!

I knew very little about cars at that time, but I'm learning! For some inexplicable reason I had decided a long time before that a Series III Minx was exactly what I wanted; I had read up about them, and joined the Hillman Owners' Club long before I finally bought the car.

During the first year of ownership I kept a record of work I did on it. People are often interested to read what other people do to their cars, so if you'd like to see what I've done with mine, and see a couple more pictures of it, read my Restoration Diary.

Work is nowhere near complete. If you've looked at the picture, you will have seen that it doesn't have the correct front bumper. I hope to do something about this, and the bodywork, this year.

Andy Murkin April 1998

Postscript (2011): I sold the car a few years ago. Don't know if it's still running, but I hope so.

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