WYJ 128 Restoration Diary

The first year of owning a Series IIIA Minx, by Andy Murkin

NOTE: The mention of any company or brand-named product does not imply endorsement

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24.9.94 Purchased, driven back from Welwyn to Cambridge. All dials functioning, except clock. Indicator warning light not functioning, main beam warning light very dim, wrong colour. Oil Pressure good, but light flashes at low revs towards end of journey. Pictures taken. Paintwork very dull and grimy-looking.

24.9.94 - 2.10.94 Complete clean and polish of external paintwork with cutting paste & polish. Glass cleaned and rubbers given a coat of Waxoyl to restore some flexibility and protection. Water comes into the car in just one place, bottom right of the front windscreen below the parking position of the wipers. Wipers, and hinges and locks on doors, bonnet and boot freed with WD40.

Complete clean of brightwork, including hub caps, with Chrome Cleaner. Temporary replacement of pieces of trim at front and rear. One piece of side trim at offside rear missing (V-shaped piece that holds the strips in position) - strip lying in boot. Insides of hub caps painted with rust-proofing primer and treated with Waxoyl.

Battery charge checked, O.K., but terminals very corroded. Filed clean(er) and covered with anti-corrosion gel. Internal courtesy light not working. Door switches checked and cleaned, bulb replaced. Non-functioning dashboard switches removed (Function of two of the remaining switches not yet established!). Replacement/Spare bulbs purchased. White walls for tyres ordered.

Enquiries sent to DVLA and Cheshire Country Records office to establish details of history.

3.10.94 - 9.10.94 Paint scheme and colour codes checked (with HOC). Correct paint purchased. Wheels wrong colour, apparently. Wheels removed and rust cleaned off with wire brush. Insides painted with Smooth Black Hammerite, outsides with rust-proofing primer. Large amounts of surface rust discovered on suspension and steering gear, wire-brushed, bolts sprayed with WD40. AA badge found in boot cleaned - shiny underneath! - backing plate rustproofed. Yellow paint purchased for final coat.

10.10.94 - 16.10.94 Wheel cleaning and painting continued. (Non-functioning) rear windscreen demister removed.

16.10: National Restoration Fair, Stoneleigh, Warwicks. Purchased: various tools, electric aerial, replacement dashboard switches and knobs, windscreen polishing materials, trim attaching fitments. Front Hillman symbol permanently attached.

17.10.94 - 23.10.94 Underside and engine bay steam cleaned. Dynamo ceases to function. Further cleaning and renovation of under-bonnet area. Control linkage for heater discovered, cleaned - needs oiling. Heater motor fuse replaced, motor now works. Heater doesn't - perhaps air-lock has formed. Windscreen washer switch replaced with new period type. V5 form received from DVLA. HOC badge received.

23.10: Autojumble at Godmanchester. Purchased: new wing mirror (1!) identical to original (better condition), more dashboard switches, correct colour warning light for main beam and indicator warning light, and spare bulbs.

Main beam now correct, temporary modern fitting used for indicator pending purchase of correct type. Interior light renovated, integral switch now works, after a fashion! Clock still doesn't work - can't take instrument panel out far enough to get behind and remove it.

24.10.94 - 30.10.94 Driver & passenger side doorhandles removed, code number noted and keys ordered. Front door locks and mechanisms and window winders cleaned and oiled. (Non-functioning) fog/reversing lamp removed from rear. Front nearside steering and suspension cleaned and examined. Lower bump rubber needs repairing (same on other side). Removal of dynamo proves difficult - battery tray must be removed first, screws proving stubborn. Soaked in WD40 pending retry. New brushes purchased for dynamo for when cleaning can commence.

Authentic Minx radio housing received and 'Under Hood Black' paint. Old Pye radio retrieved from loft.

31.10.94 - 5.11.94 Information received from DVLA relating to previous keepers and number change. Keys collected, but wrong! Lubrication points on front nearside steering and suspension greased. Battery Tray drilled out, removed and rust-proofed. Left-hand air horn removed and repainted with Under Hood Black - seems a bit greyish. Improved after second coat. Rusty areas under left front side of bonnet rust-proofed and painted Charcoal Grey. Dynamo removed. Rear nearside suspension cleaned. AA badge repainted and coated with clear lacquer. Left hand lower bump rubber cleaned and attaching plate rustproofed.

6.11.94 - 12.11.94 Dynamo replaced with new one. Now working. Suppressor fitted when dynamo replaced. Battery tray painted with Under Hood Black. Also seems greyish - doesn't go well over rustproofing paint. Battery tray and battery reinstalled. Air horn doesn't work! Battery and battery tray removed again. Horn adjusted and tested. Now working. Battery tray and battery reinstalled.

13.11.94 - 19.11.94 Front offside suspension and steering gear cleaned and greased. Front handbrake linkage cleaned. Needs oiling. Left hand lower bump rubber araldited back onto its attaching plate. Right hand bump rubber cleaned and attaching plate rustproofed. Wire drill attachment (for cleaning) purchased from Car Boot Sale.

20.11.94 - 26.11.94 Front offside inner wheel arch cleaned, rustproofed and painted with black Hammerite. Horrendous rust encountered at the front of the car and on top of the inner wheel arch. To be dealt with later. Inside surface of outer wheel arch difficult to reach.

27.11.94 - 3.12.94 Rear offside wheel arch cleaned and rustproofed. Aluminium mesh and body filler purchased for hole at rear of wheel arch. Handbrake mechanism oiled, front and back. Rear suspension cleaned and coated with WD40. Waxoyl purchased for later full rust prevention treatment. Hole at rear of wheel arch repaired.

4.12.94 - 10.12.94 Rear wheel arch painted with black Hammerite. Front nearside wheel arch rustproofed and painted in the same way. Lower bump rubber replaced. Rear nearside wheel arch prepared for painting. Lots more rust here than elsewhere. 2 holes through to rear at the bottom. Hole through to boot/rear passenger seat at the top. These areas to be filled and primed before painting.

11.12.94 - 17.12.94 Rear wheel arch completed. Floor pan, underside struts, transmission tunnel, prop shaft, petrol tank, etc. given light coat of rustproofing paint, while car up on ramps. Prop shaft universal joints greased. MOT - failed on various counts, none too serious. Wiper blade split; O/S sidelight and Number Plate light not working; hole in exhaust; Handbrake cable bracket - bolt missing; front brakes uneven; lower swivel pin worn.

18.12.94 - 24.12.94 Wiper blades replaced (couldn't see much wrong with them); Number Plate light fixed (poor earthing); (2) holes in exhaust repaired with exhaust putty. Further light rustproofing underneath. Handbrake cable bracket screws replaced (one screw was broken off).

Headlights examined: plastic wiring adaptors crumbling apart - one useable, one not. New adaptor bought from Lucas + spare sidelight bulb. O/S headlamp wiring replaced. Lots of rust in evidence, O/S worst - if bowl removed rim may break apart. Final coat of rustproofing on underneath of floor pan and petrol tank.

Door keys obtained (RS series, exact number unknown), so car can be locked up, but they don't fit ignition or boot. Attempt to mend heater abandoned - hose clip cannot be undone. New hoseclip bought, old one must be sawn off. New MOT tentatively arranged for next Thursday (29.12), but further work impossible due to freezing weather. Number Plate light not working again.

25.12.94 - 31.12.94 Petrol tank painted with silver Hammerite (not very neatly). Number plate light working again. Further attempts to fix heater unsuccessful. Replacement of another hose clip required. Front brakes adjusted. Deadline for 'free' resubmission for MOT passed. One remaining job to do - nearside lower swivel pin.

1.1.95 - 7.1.95 Lower swivel pin adjusted - better than it was, hopefully good enough for MOT, to be arranged in the next couple of weeks. All heater hoses checked: end of hose nearest heater valve blocked with gunge! Cleaned, but heater still not circulating water, therefore valve must be blocked or faulty, must be removed. Boot lock removed, cleaned and replaced, new keys obtained, so now it can be locked up.

8.1.95 - 14.1.95 Not much activity this week - checking everything prior to MOT, originally arranged for Friday, now postponed till next Monday.

15.1.95 - 21.1.95 MOT on Monday, failed only on the lower swivel pin. Parts ordered, to be sent to garage to be fixed and re-MOT'd. Battery seemed to have run down - perhaps due to starting problem last week - unconnected wires under bonnet/wheel arch must be checked ASAP, in case of short circuit! - although ammeter doesn't show large current drain. Car not returned by Saturday - problems in freeing rusted parts!

22.1.95 - 28.1.95 Car returned Sunday, now with MOT! Lower swivel pin etc. had to be completely renewed - and front brake cylinders had seized! Lots of water has got into front passenger area, but how it's difficult to say. Now has problem with engine not running smoothly, especially when picking up speed.

28.1.95 - 4.2.95 Some drying work on front floor pan. Plugs checked - not in extremely bad condition, but slightly oily and in need of replacement. Leads and distributor to be checked next, points, leads and distributor cap may need replacing. Perhaps water has got into the system somewhere during recent very rainy weather (probably stored outside during past 2 weeks). Water level in radiator very low, however! Right hand horn removed for cleaning and repainting. Right hand side of engine bay to be cleaned and rustproofed where necessary before reinstallation.

5.2.95 - 11.2.95 Heater completely removed for indoor experiments. Many substances poured through it to clear the blockage - washing-up liquid, descaler, bleach, caustic soda, WD40 - eventually cleared! Mechanism, front and top cleaned prior to repainting. New hose bought. Horn repainted. Visible parts of engine bay cleaned and Waxoyled.

12.2.95 - 18.2.95 Heater cleaned & painted. New hose cut to size. Foam waterproofing strips cut and stuck in position in engine bay.

19.1.95 - 25.2.95 Heater box reinstalled. Cables, hoses and duct replaced - heater works! 'Draughtproofing' not properly in place: must be seen to, to ensure cold air and water don't enter car. Still doubt about dynamo charging correctly - needle wobbles, doesn't go up to +30 amps, lights brighten on acceleration. May be problem with voltage regulator. If not, then battery is good and voltage cut-out working well! Car used regularly for work etc. for a few days. Starts and runs well. 'Ticking' from rocker cover suggests valves must be seen to.

27.2.95 - 4.3.95 Spark Plugs replaced. New points also purchased. (Distributor to be checked before valves). New 'arrowhead' trim-piece received from Colin Beaumont. Fixing pins can be araldited on, he says. Trim now complete. Snow collected for radiator water. Redex purchased for petrol tank and carburettor. Coil cleaned up and leads checked. High tension lead not fitted properly - either it has no washer, or it fell out during cleaning. Replacement obtained from local parts supplier (free!). Coil to be removed, fully cleaned and suppressor fitted.

Car went completely dead, had to call AA at Sainsbury's - oh, dear! Not even courtesy light functioned. Came after 2 hours, fiddled with ignition key and it worked! Not sure exactly why ignition affected lights, which work without the key. No further problems on the way home.

5.3.95 - 11.3.95 Not a lot done this week. Drying off in preparation for resealing windscreen surrounds.

12.3.95 - 18.3.95 Bumper removed to examine horribly rusting valence. (Is this the correct bumper? - Style looks different from rear. Must be checked). Lots of work with wire brush to clean off surface rust. Corners need completely filling in. Old chrome grille cleaned with wire brush and drill - aluminium one a bit too shiny (and not so good in earthing sidelights/indicators. After cleaning up, rustproofing and painting behind the grille the chrome one will be replaced for a trial period). Valence, area behind grille and under outer left front wheel arch painted with rustproofing paint. Part of front and back windscreen surrounds treated with Seek'n'Seal - may not be enough to cure all leaks, though.

19.3.95 - 25.3.95 Front nearside suspension & steering gear treated with Waxoyl. Bonnet lock handle cleaned, rustproofed and painted with black Hammerite. Air Filter removed and cleaned inside with petrol. Outside wire-brushed, rustproofed and painted with Under Hood Black. Chrome grille cleaned.

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26.3.95 - 1.4.95 Newark Autojumble. Hoped to get new sidelights (saw only one - 14! Too expensive . . .), reversing/fog lamps (couldn't find matching pair) and bumper (only saw curved type - not correct for IIIA, according to photos I took at Burford 2 years ago). Got some polish and a new panel light for the indicators, which completes the set. Fitted and working. (More will be required if reversing/fog lamps obtained).

Holes in left hand front valence area filled with mesh and filler, sanded ready for priming and painting. Painting of upper wheel arch can now begin. Lower part of valence hammered into slightly better shape. Rear nearside suspension gear and half petrol tank Waxoyled.

2.4.95 - 8.4.95 More rusty areas tackled in front valence area and above, to be treated and filled before upper wheel arch painting commences. Headlamps should be removed and rusty areas behind dealt with, but this can be done later so that grille and indicator lights can be replaced and the car driven again ASAP.

Front nearside valence area filled in and primered, wheel arch behind painted with black Hammerite. Finding replacement indicator lights is proving difficult, so old ones rustproofed and holes filled in so they can be put back.

9.4.95 - 15.4.95 Indicator lights painted with chrome paint to aid reflectiveness. Further Waxoyling of underside, including rear offside suspension, remainder of petrol tank and front-to-rear runs of brake and fuel pipes. Engine has developed serious wobbling problem, exhaust roars - engine mountings may be suspect.

Peterborough Autojumble. Cable-ties purchased for under-bonnet and boot wiring, self-tapping screws for fixing grille, and small metal fixings for Hillman grille emblem. Matching reversing and fog lights purchased.

Chrome grille refitted and Hillman emblem mounted in position. Looks more in keeping with other chrome fittings than aluminium. Lights refitted - reflective paint seems to work well, but connection not good - connectors may need to be replaced. Spark plugs checked, 2 loose! - tightened, but no effect on engine movement. Dynamo fixings checked - tightened slightly, but seem OK.

16.4.95 - 22.4.95 Nothing done this week. Engine problem to be sorted out before further use.

23.4.95 - 29.4.95 Taken to garage to have engine/exhaust looked at. Plugs & Contacts replaced (not firing on one cylinder!), exhaust can't be repaired - must contact HOC about replacement. Different spark plugs put in - check number. Heater motor making a noise again. Treated with Waxoyl, but noisy again after 2 days. Try thicker oil.

30.4.95 - 6.5.95 Heater motor re-oiled. Radiator Hoses ordered - can't afford exhaust at the moment. Radiator filled to correct level - to be checked daily, as level has been going down without much sign of leaks - suggesting head gasket failure or cracks in engine block. Tendency to overheat in current spell of hot weather. One leak identified where the top pipe joins (has been repaired before). Oil doesn't appear to be contaminated with water, however. Radiator water to be checked for presence of oil.

Gearbox oil level very low: temporarily filled with 10W/40. Local Penrite stockists closed when visited on Saturday morning. Correct oil for Gearbox, Rear axle and Steering Box to be obtained as soon after the Bank Holiday as possible. Steering Box fairly well-filled, Rear Axle to be checked next week. Further Waxoyling under bonnet. Oil pressure switch connection cleaned - not certain if it is working properly - never comes on! (apart from when ignition first switched on).

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7.5.95 - 13.5.95 Starter motor fails to work! Sounds as if it's turning, but not engaging, probably dirty. Impossible to remove - exhaust is in the way, and appears to have been botched together in the past: the flange is missing, and the front pipe has been fixed semi-permamently to the manifold. This will be a problem when it comes to exhaust replacement. Just before sawing it in half gallons of WD40 sprayed onto shaft from both ends - it works! Exhaust seems noisier than ever, however. Check for holes!

Pedal mechanisms oiled. 2 more grease nipples discovered which may not have been dealt with previously - to be looked into. Oil purchased for Gearbox, Steering Box & Rear Axle.

Saturday: made it all the way to the seaside - Holkham, Norfolk - and back! Sounds bad at high revs, though, partly due to exhaust blowing at connection with manifold. Nuts could be tightened, but one requires a deep socket. May be another cause, e.g. distributor/timing - to be checked.

14.5.95 - 20.5.95 Distributor checked, oiled/greased and rotor arm cleaned. All items on 12,000 mile service completed, except oil changes. Mileage now over 80,000 - time to start again with certain things, e.g. lubrication. 6,000 mile service list now prepared.

21.5.95 - 27.5.95 Little done this week - no time. Fuel pump bowl/filter cleaned, carburetter cleaned with Redex. Won't start! Pump not completely full, so fuel problem probably pump inlet or between tank and pump. Carburetter probably flooded at the moment - try again later.

28.5.95 - 3.6.95 Started fine today. Taken for a short run. Still not running smoothly on acceleration, choke has to be kept out. Brakes didn't feel too good, must be checked ASAP. Gearbox drained and refilled with Penrite Gearbox Oil 30. Some old oil extracted from Steering Box (with cake-icing syringe!), topped up with Penrite Steering Box Lube. Holes detected in exhaust, probably same place as before; exhaust putty gone hard, so couldn't fix it straight away.

Rear axle drained and refilled with Penrite Limslip. Outside of axle cleaned and Waxoyled. New exhaust putty and bandage purchased. Exhaust repaired; further Waxoyling underneath; prop shaft, transmission tunnel and most of rear underbody painted with black Hammerite; prop shaft universal joints greased.

4.6.95 - 10.6.95 Lubrication completed on front near side, suspension and steering gear and whole of wheel arch, inner and outer, covered with Waxoyl. Rear nearside wheel arch and springs also re-Waxoyled.

11.6.95 - 17.6.95 Front nearside wheel changed to rear and rear exchanged for spare. Front nearside wheel cleaned, sanded and primered (grey), prior to repainting. Needs to be further smoothed and primered before top coats applied.

Friend of a friend came to check engine over: plugs a little oily, idle speed a bit slow, and exhaust must be repaired urgently, but compression OK, and seems otherwise sound.

18.6.95 - 24.6.95 Front and rear offside wheels changed. Front offside: suspension/steering lubricated and Waxoyled; wheel sanded and primered; outer wheel arch wire-brushed and painted with rustproofing paint. Rear offside wheel arch Waxoyled. Holes in front area bridged with aluminium mesh prior to filling, sanding and painting.

25.6.95 - 1.7.95 Newark Autojumble. Purchased: 2 matching wing mirrors, 4 spare panel lamp bulbs, original Owners' Handbook. Heater motors seen, but either old or too expensive; no sign of front bumper. Holes in front filled, sanded and primered.

2.7.95 - 8.7.95 Front end repaired areas repainted with Charcoal Grey. Also front offside wheel and dashboard radio housing painted Powder Blue. Rear offside and Spare wheels sanded and primered prior to painting.

9.7.95 - 15.7.95 Rear offside wheel painted. Further sanding and final painting of front end repaired areas. AA Handbook 1959/60 obtained (by post), and period map/AA routes (from local bookshop).

16.7.95 - 22.7.95 Car is 35 years old this week! Repainted areas cut. Not a brilliant job by any means, but O.K. Should look much better than it did when grille etc. replaced, although further work still to be done, and repainting may again be necessary. Spare wheel painted, new nearside wing mirror put in place.

23.7.95 - 29.7.95 Grille and lights replaced, taken for a run. Still very rough on pick-up, especially when cold. Nothing else done this week - too much evening work, and can't find new radiator hoses! Oil purchased for oil change. Hex spanner required to open drain plug.

30.7.95 - 5.8.95 Radiator hoses found! Heavy Duty Radiator Flush purchased, in preparation for complete clean. 3 1/2 oz. pein hammer also purchased, which should be an effective hub cap remover.

6.8.95 - 12.8.95 Two whitewalls fitted to wheels - very smart! - one to be done ASAP during the week, spare to be cleaned and painted first: the remaining one is a different rim - can't fit whitewall. Local tyre centre tried to put the whitewall on with their machine, but it's started coming off already. May have to be replaced with the same type as the others.

13.8.95 - 19.8.95 Radiator hoses replaced. Radiator and block cleaned out with Radflush - an extremely time-consuming operation! Terrible water leak appeared - seems to be coming from top of sump! Engine bay cleaned up a bit (very dusty after repair work) and a bit of Waxoyl applied. Castrol 'Red Rubber Grease' required for protection of whitewalls, say instructions. 14mm hex key (to open sump drain-hole) bought, and 9/16" deep socket to undo bolts under manifold. New exhaust ordered.

20.8.95 - 26.8.95 New exhaust received. 'Engine Flush' added to oil prior to change next week. 14mm hex key too big! Next size available is 12mm, hope this works. Whitewall will not fit because of wheel rim - different from others, more rounded. Unfortunately spare wheel is the same, so only 3 whitewalls can be fitted at the moment. A matching wheel must be found!

27.8.95 - 2.9.95 12mm too small! Drain plug removed with the aid of a 13mm hex-head bolt! Oil drained from engine, filter and filter valves cleaned. Filter cover removed, cleaned and primered, prior to repainting.

2.9.95 - 9.9.95 Filter cover repainted. Filter cover replaced, insert changed - the old one was completely the wrong type! Oil changed. Water leak very unpredictable - doesn't seem to be leaking much now, perhaps because there is little anti-freeze in the system at the moment.

10.9.95 - 16.9.95 Given a good clean - going to a wedding!

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17.9.95 - 23.9.95 Nothing done this week - awaiting exhaust parts (gasket and clamp for manifold end).

24.9.95 - 30.9.95 Put up on ramps prior to exhaust replacement - still awaiting parts: 'Just putting them in the post now'! Remaining small parts of underbody painted with rustproofing paint. Attempt made to clean front part of underbody with Gunk - very dirty and oily, but painted red underneath.

1.10.95 - 7.10.95 Remaining parts of rear underbody painted with black Hammerite. Rear underbody (except for newly-painted parts) Waxoyled thoroughly with spray attachment. Further attempt to clean front underbody with soapy water - not powerful enough! - requires Gunk and stiff brush.

8.10.95 - 14.10.95 Went out for a drive - clutch failed on the way back! Fortunately near garage, new clutch fluid purchased, reservoir topped up, clutch works again. Must be a leak, probably around slave cylinder. To be looked at when front raised to clean front underbody and replace exhaust. Speaker cable bought for radio installation, and crimping tool with some connectors. Exhaust parts have 'gone missing in the post'. Re-ordered.

15.10.95 - 21.10.95 National Restoration Show, Coventry. Disappointing - not as much stuff as Newark, none of the big things (bumper, wheel, wiper blades) found. Useful small things purchased, mainly for interior: door trim clips, grey piping for radio housing, amber warning lights for reversing/fog lamps, underfelt for front mats. No clips for external trim found, but originals (rusted into trim) might be saveable.

Various nuts and bolts purchased for radio installation + new speaker. Further cleaning and rustproofing of front underside. Exhaust fitting under manifold checked - definitely something funny there. No sign of leak in clutch system, although fluid reservoir level seemed to have gone down.

22.10.95 - 28.10.95 New sound-proofing underfelt installed in front driver and passenger sides. Radio housing fitted (temporarily) under dashboard.

Various exhaust parts received, plus clutch slave cylinder repair kit - leak is in the cylinder. Old exhaust removed and new front part fitted. The essential problem is that the thread on the manifold stud is worn and one of the nuts won't fit. However, one nut may hold it for the time being. There was no gasket fitted before, now it has one, hopefully, this will do the trick. Further exhaust fittings obtained locally. With luck the rest of the exhaust can be fitted tomorrow. The nuts at the manifold end weren't 9/16", but 19/32". If available a new deep socket this size might be helpful as a little thread seems to be remaining at the base of the stud.

29.10.95 - 4.11.95 It wasn't that easy! - the threads on the manifold studs were so worn that the nuts wouldn't tighten enough, but in the end, with a few washers and some exhaust fitting paste, it seems OK - different shape at the back from the old one, though. Next problem is the clutch, which is leaking slightly from the slave cylinder. Tried to remove it, but the push rod won't come away from the cylinder: rusted together, perhaps - in fact, the whole thing looks very rusty, and might be better replaced.

5.11.95 - 11.11.95 Remainder of underside Waxoyled, except inside box sections, pump couldn't operate - even after sitting in a bucket of hot water the Waxoyl wasn't thin enough, applied with brush. Clutch slave cylinder removed - not in as bad a conditions as suspected, rubber cup can be replaced, but boot supplied doesn't seem large enough. Push rod and jaw well rusted together, though, new ones might be obtainable. Cleaning and rust treatment started.

12.11.95 - 18.11.95 No new pushrod, etc. obtainable, but spring acquired, as old one broke during cleaning and treatment. Old pushrod and jaw now rusted together, and no longer adjustable, but have been cleaned, rustproofed and painted, and should continue to function. Boot should be able to be stretched to fit. New front windscreen seal ordered, in preparation for winter.

19.11.95 - 25.11.95 Clutch slave cylinder repaired, reinstalled and Waxoyled, fluid renewed, appears to be working. New exhaust brackets Waxoyled. Battery topped up and charged. (Other car off the road at the moment, so must be used this week!). Tax due, though, must be paid tomorrow.

26.11.95 - 2.12.95 Nothing done this week, resting before tackling interior and front windscreen! (In the budget the Chancellor has announced that cars over 25 years old will be exempt from Road Tax, which is excellent news!)

3.12.95 - 9.12.95 Nothing done this week.

10.12.95 - 16.12.95 Nothing done this week either!

17.12.95 - 23.12.95 Broke down again! - Completely dead, had to call AA. They came, even though it was only half a mile away - but at the bottom of a hill! Eventually, after much searching the dashboard panel was removed and the ammeter had burned out! Unable to get a replacement from Lucas - they only make the round type these days, but at least I've now discovered the way to get the panel off, so I can clean up the heater controls and take a look at the non-functioning clock. Having access to the back might make it easier to wire in the radio and reversing/fog lights.

24.12.95 - 30.12.95 Ammeter and clock removed, for comparison purposes at Autojumbles during the week.

Nothing suitable found - although almost! Preliminary wiring, switches and warning lights for reversing/fog lights installed, although it's wrong (all the current would go through the warning lights), it gives an idea of what the dashboard would look like. Cable bought for full installation. Radio and housing installed - looks as if it'll work (light in radio comes on, when attached to power!) but no aerial or speaker connected at the moment.

31.12.95 - 6.1.96 Ignition problems not completely solved - starter motor keeps cutting in when engine running (this is the problem that arose before the ammeter burned out): either dirty, or power being fed to it when it shouldn't be. Starter motor removed, cleaned and replaced - didn't look very dirty, so problem may lie with ignition switch, which is known to be slightly dodgy. Reason for ammeter burning out not fully established, but new one obtained and installed. Ignition switch may need replacing - starter motor problem worse, new ignition switch ordered.

Second (longer) radiator hose replaced. Wiper motor cleaned, installed more securely and reconnected. New nuts acquired for exhaust fitting. Still blowing - needs larger quantities of assembly paste.

7.1.96 - 13.1.96 Ammeter and ignition replaced - all working OK now. Exhaust reinstalled - better, but still not perfect.

14.1.96 - 20.1.96 Some spare parts obtained from an old car in Balsham - windscreen, electrical parts from inside, some trim and stainless steel wipers - one of them broken, can perhaps be repaired with Chemical Metal. Couldn't get doors off - going back next week to try again. Also took out heater motor - might work without grinding noise, which present one makes intermittently. Wiper motor working, but no water appears! - Perhaps wrong way up, or too high, so water not flowing properly.

21.1.96 - 27.1.96 Doors (and bonnet) finally removed, stored at Balsham for collection later.

Wiper motor now working, wiper blades repaired and fitted. Wiper arm springs are too weak (one broken off) - should be replaced with stronger ones.

Apart from more work on the suspension and exhaust, it passed!

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