Isuzu Hillman Minxes

[Image:Isuzu PH10]

A little known fact is that more than one type of Hillman Minx was made in Japan by the Isuzu company.

After World War II Japanese manufacturers entered into Technological Assistance Agreements with car makers from several countries, including the Rootes Group from Britain. Beginning in 1953 Isuzu began making Minxes, although it was not until 1957 that they were able to produce all the parts locally.

(The Japanese, incidentally, drive on the left, as we do in Britain).

The first Japanese Minx was the Isuzu PH10, a 'Mark' Minx. According to information from the Toyota Automobile Museum, the car was powered by a 1265cc side-valve engine, producing 37.5hp, had a 4-speed column shift, wheelbase of 2362mm and weighed 962kg.

2 more colour pictures of this vehicle are available: a front view and a rear view.

For those interested in the Series Minx, an interesting variation on the Series II was made by Isuzu in 1959, with side-mouldings as used on the Sunbeam Rapier, but split to suit the Minx's 4-door configuration, an Isuzu bonnet badge and (English) script on the door Minx Super de Luxe. It was advertised as a 6-seater!

In 1962 an estate was produced, unlike any made for the home market: It had the then current Series IIIA front end, but with the smaller Series I - III windscreen and a 2-door body! The rear of the car sported the Series IIIA style fins.

After 1962, however, Isuzu began manufacturing cars of its own design, and production of Japanese Minxes ceased.

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